Zombie Tag by Hannah Moskowitz

So, what if zombies aren’t really mindless creatures bent only on eating your brains, but instead just kinda grumpy and boring?  My kids, who have what I view as an unhealthy fascination with zombies, are always asking me zombie questions… Can they swim?  How long can they go without eating?  Which I usually try to answer with, “I don’t know, since zombie’s don’t really exist, but ….”   However they never considered that zombie’s just want to sit around and nap.  The author of Zombie Tag, nineteen year old Hannah Moskowitz did, and wrote a funny and interesting story for the middle school reader.

Our zombie hoard, aren’t they scary?

After reading the book, my kids immediately asked if we (make no mistake, the word “we” in their request meant “me”) could organize a giant game of Zombie Tag.   I thought, sure, we (again, me) could do that!  It would be a great end of the school year event.  I’m always excited about them playing outside! When we started talking about a location, they completely stumpted me. They wanted to play at a cemetery.  A cemetery!  The mother side of my brain said, “Absolutely NOT.  It’s too disrespectful!” but my inner child, which makes up a HUGE part of my being, was saying “Oh, that would be soooo cool!”  But my inner child lost this round, and we choose a wooded park near our home.  They agreed on following most of the rules of the game in the book, except they wanted to leave out the spatulas!  “WHAT?” I exclaimed!  It would be so cool to see everyone running aroung with a spatula, but they insisted.

The zombies have surround a human,
who has climbed a tree.

The day of Zombie Tag we had about 11 kids show up out of the 37 tentative RSVPs I had originally received.  Their ages ranged from 4 to 12.  It was really fun to watch them as they ran screaming around the park!

Rules for Zombie Tag:

Everyone draws to see who is the zombie.
Someone yells GO! and they scatter.  The zombie tries to bluff his/her friends into running with them.  They then have 10 seconds to “become” the zombie.
We also ruled out biting, or pretend biting.  We just tagged.  Once you are tagged, then you, too, are a zombie.  You now try to tag as many others as you can!
You play until everyone has been tagged.  The last survivor is the winner….

My Mommy Tips:
  • INSIST on the spatula!  The kids get so excited running and chasing, and sometimes it’s hard to know who is a zombie and who isn’t.  The spatula, aside from being hilarious, makes a perfect way to tell the difference!