nature shirts

Want a fun summer art project?  Paint t-shirts using stencils made from leaves, flowers, twigs and other items found while outside.  It makes a great activity while camping, at the lake, beach or park! 

My daughter’s Girl Scout troop loves to decorate t-shits.  It’s fun for them to wear matching shirts they made when we are going to an event.  At our recent campout we made “nature” shirts.  They hunted for natural items around the camp, and laid them out into a collage on the shirt.  If you have time, press the items down for about 10 minutes, using something flat, but not so heavy that they will be crushed.  We used spray fabric paint, applying either a little or a lot, for different designs.  They loved it and I liked that they were really looking at the leaves and flowers for specific designs, and noticing some of the wonders found in nature!

I found the idea at  They used bleach, but I wanted the girls to make it themselves.  I think the paint worked great!