Cinnamon Creek Ranch Archery, Roanoke

Cinnamon Creek Ranch is a huge archery  complex, with a large pro-shop, over 50 indoor archery lanes, 5 outdoor ranges and even elevated blinds!  You can purchase all-day passes, and kids 12 and under can shoot for free!

Know Before You Go

Shooters MUST wear closed-toed shoes.

It was three years ago this Christmas that my then 12 year old son received his first bow and arrows.  He and my daughter joined our local 4-H archery club, and were soon shooting weekly and even began entering some 3D tournaments in our area.

My now 7-year-old has watched for years with fascination, but still lacks the strength to pull back even their easy to use Genesis, a compound bow that is the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program.  I was hesitant to purchase him the smaller version, Genesis Jr, but thrilled when I learned that Cinnamon Creek Ranch in Roanoke will rent the bow out for use on their ranges and during their Monday Night Kid’s Archery League!

For more information on Genesis Bows, click HERE.

With both boys being in scouts, Monday nights are crazy for us, and it was several weeks before we had a completely free evening to make the drive to Roanoke, but when the rare free Monday came along, we jumped at it!



Since we were there for the Kid’s Night, we signed up downstairs where it cost $10 to shoot on Monday nights, and then rented a Genesis Jr for my youngest for another $10.  We then headed upstairs to the range where there were LOTS of other children already shooting!  Since my oldest two are regular shooters, they were quickly able to jump into a spot in the weekly tournament.  For my youngest, Cinnamon Creek Ranch had some terrific instructors to help him learn how to hold the bow, aim, shoot and proper safety techniques!  I was more than surprised at how many other 6 and 7 year olds were there, also receiving training!


The staff at Cinnamon Creek Ranch were amazing, and made it lots of fun for all the kids, passing out candy bars to kids who shot well, or exhibited good techniques!  Awards are also presented to the kids who have scored well in the tournament, which consist of 3 weeks of participation, but does not need to be consecutive!


My kids really enjoyed it, and my youngest is set on asking for a Genesis Jr for Christmas!

My Mommy Tips:

Be sure and check Groupon for deals at Cinnamon Creek Ranch!  We purchased a Groupon for the outdoor range, and the kids loved it!  Be sure to schedule WAY ahead of time, as they fill up quickly on the weekends!

Wear close-toed shoes.

They have real indoor restrooms.

Birthday Parties

Cinnamon Creek Ranch also offers a birthday party package.  Wouldn’t that be fun, a whole party of girls learning to shoot like Katniss from the Hunger Games!

Things To Do in Roanoke


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Knob Hills Mountain Bike Trailhead  –  To view the DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association) website, click HERE.

Texas Motor Speedway (located 4 miles away in Ft. Worth)  Watch special events such as NASCAR, Indy car races and even in September the Red Bull Air Races.  During the week take a tour of the racetrack, and even enjoy a ride on the track!  Click HERE for more information.


Roanoke bills itself as the Unique Dining Capital of Texas!  It’s an appetizing moniker and we headed out early to visit the small town and a couple of it’s eateries before heading to Cinnamon Creek.  With my usual reminder that this isn’t a foodie blog, we quickly chose Dove Creek Cafe from the list of unique restaurants, mainly for their $8.29 hand battered chicken fried steak.  My youngest enjoyed the all day breakfast, with chicken and waffles.  We skipped on desert, with the intention of heading to the Oak St. Pie and & Candy Company, only to arrive and learn that they are closed on Monday.

To visit the City of Roanoke’s website, click HERE.

For location, hours or just to drool over the menu at Dove Creek Cafe, click HERE.

Click HERE for Oak St. Pie & Candy Company website, which list hours and days open….

Cinnamon Creek Ranch

13794 Old Denton Rd., Roanoke


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