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I have always enjoyed reading all the works of an author, back to back.  I enjoy seeing similarities in their stories, or concepts repeated.  No author better delivers on this than Stephen King, with several of his storylines intersecting with previous books he has written.  I went through my Stephen King phase years ago, before I had children.  As I usually do, I began with his first books, and worked my way down to his later stories.  Unfortunantly, I lost interest after reading “The Langoliers”, I never could get over the image of giant PacMan eating the world.  I hadn’t picked up anything of his after that.  However, when 11/22/63 came out, I was intriqued with the plot, (a man goes back in time and stops the Kennedy assassination) and the fact that the story takes place in Texas, even though King’s account of Dallas is not very positive.  I began reading the book, and like the King stories of old, I became lost in his rich, well defined characters and sucked into his storyline the way few other authors can do.  It was one of the books that, with each page you turn, a sadness begins mounting because you know that you will reach the last page, and there will be no more.


It’s not a book for kids, but I discussed it with my children as I read it.  I showed them the historical pictures in the book, and together we looked up important places and people.  I told them about it as much as I felt was appropriate.  When I finished, we began planning a visit to the Sixth Floor Museum at the School Book Depository in downtown Dallas.  The museum was holding a one day, kid’s CSI event during the week of Spring Break, which seemed a perfect time to visit.  The seventh floor of the museum was converted to a crime scene, (a circus with a missing gorilla), complete with clues, witnesses to interview and forensics teams there to answer these junior detectivies questions.  They quickly learned that the key to solving a crime is learning to ask the correct questions.  We then went to the 6th floor, and took the museum audio tour.   It was extremely busy, but it is such an amazing collection.  I had to struggle with a knot in my throat during the video of the motorcade, which ends just before the shooting.  They have reconstructed area where Oswald hid while taking his shots, retaining even the wood flooring, sealed off by plexiglass walls.  Just to the right you can look out the windows onto the road, large white X’s marking the spots where Kennedy was hit.    After a trip to the gift shop, we went outside to the grassy knoll, where several men were selling magazines, etc, most of which are supporting the conspiracy theories.  We then left, and we drove down to Jefferson St., showing the kids the Texas Theatre, where Oswald was arrested, which is still open.  We spent a nice dinner at La Calle Doce, discussing what they learned and trying to answer some of their questions.  The questions we couldn’t answer, which were plenty, we made notes to look up when we got back home.  Because as they learned during the CSI event, you have to ask the questions before you can find the answers.

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The Sixth Floor Museum
The Texas Theatre on Jefferson

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The Record Grill at 605 Elm St. in Downtown Dallas is just steps away from the Sixth Floor Museum, but this retro diner will take you right back to the 60’s!  Great breakfast before your tour, and excellent cheeseburgers afterwards!

Sixth Floor Museum 

411 Elm Street, Dallas 

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