washing dishes with God

I recently read The Shack, by William P. Young, which was loaned to me by a friend.  I really enjoyed the book, and one of the images that really stood out to me was that of Mac and God (Papa in the story), standing in the kitchen, hand washing and drying the dishes after dinner.  The rich conversation that ensued, and the quiet, easy, open and casual way which doing something as mundane as dishes allowed them to “speak” was a reccuring thought, days after I had laid the book down. 

I have always had a dishwasher, and only seldom ever hand washed dishes when there were too many to fit, or if we were camping, etc..  While my chidren now load and unload the dishwasher, I would do my pans, etc. by myself, and usually alone.  Craving those moments of closeness that God and His child shared in the book, I made the very unpopular decision that the week of Thanksgiving Break we would hand wash and dry our dishes.  As expected, I met alot of opposition at first, and in the middle, and especially after Thanksgiving Dinner, when every dish in the house was piled in the sink and along the counters, waiting to be cleaned!  But we did it, after each meal that week we gathered in the kitchen, instead of in front of the television, or going off to their own rooms, and we washed and dried and talked, and listened to each other.  My three year old even begged to be included, and was put in charge of drying and putting away the silverware.  There were no mouths overfilled with food, or sibling arguments that usually define our nightly dinners.  We just spoke and occasionally laughed with one another, and even after the dishes were finally finished on Thanksgiving, they each said how good it felt to have completed what seemed an impossible job.  By mommy standards, it was a good experiment, and true to my word, we will again resume use of our dishwasher……… unless it should “accidentally” break. 

For more information on The Shack by William P. Young;  http://theshackbook.com/