National Championship Pow Wow, Traders Village, Grand Prairie

The Annual National Championship Pow-Wow at Traders Village in Grand Prairie is September 15 – 17th, 2017.

In our family, everything is a ritual.
If we love something, we try to go back every year.
We love the Indian Pow Wow at Traders Village in Grand Prairie.
And we go back every year.

Know Before You Go

Admission is FREE with a $4.00/car parking.

Bring a couple dollars to let the kids put on the blanket during the dance.

Really, don’t miss the authentic fry bread.  It will change your life!

The Competition

We love watching the authentic dances and music, but what my kids love is how interactive it is!  Everyone is invited out onto the dance field to learn the dances!  It’s so much fun!

Indian Tacos

They take their amazing Indian Fry Bread, which is, by the way, bread that has been fried.  My daughter just eats it covered in honey, and that’s okay.
But…. then they take ground meat, beans and Indian spices and put on top of the bread, then layered with lettuce and tomatoes…. oh…oh…oh…. it’s wonderful!

There are usually two stands, one with a VERY long line, and one with no line at all.  You may be tempted to get in the shorter line, but don’t.  The tacos on the longer line are WORTH the wait!  Many of the tacos are made by members of the Wichita Indian United Methodist Church in Dallas, which has an Indian Taco Sale one Sunday a month.  For more information, click HERE to visit their website.

If you ever find yourself in or around Oklahoma City on a Tuesday, Taco Mayo, an Oklahoma taco chain does Indian Taco Tuesday.  It’s the only day they’ll make Indian Tacos, no matter how much you beg!  Click HERE to visit their website.

Indian Marketplace

You can find so many amazing Indian Arts and Crafts here!  My son loves the authentic, although not old, Indian Arrowheads and always saves his money to buy some!  There is also a lot of fun Indian jewelry and home decor!

I like to stop and chat with the vendors, many of which are from Texas, but some come from as far away as Arizona, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  They like to share their stories, and how they make their arts.

We met one old man who traps skunks for their pelts and skulls.  He then cleans the skulls and paints the different Indian Nation colors on the skulls, and attaches them to staffs.  He sells lots of turtle shell music shakers and turtle shell purses and bags.  His teenage daughter tells me that her parents love dead animals, but she loves live ones, and is saving her money to buy a turtle at the petstore that she has a “connection” with.  She said that “if you look an animal in the eye, you know if you have a connection with that animal or not.  Some people never have connections with animals, because they never look them in the eye.”  Wow!  I made a mental note to look each of our pets in the eye when I got home!

My youngest loves to play in the tee pees, which are authentically made but set out for the children to run around and play.  They are also allowed to hit some of the authentic Indian drums, a real treat for any kid!

Want to learn more about Native Americans in Texas?  

The Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation in Livingston, Texas is a fun place to visit, and even has campgrounds and cabins!  Click HERE to visit their website.

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Things to do in Grand Prairie


Lone Star Park makes horse racing fun for all ages, even if you just like to go watch the horses!  Click HERE to read more.

Grand Prairie Air Hogs is a fun, minor league team with great daily promotions, a playground, swimming pool and lots of fun for the family!  Click HERE to read more.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Louis Tussauds Palace of Wax is an interesting and fun place to visit, but beware the Horror Chamber!  Click HERE for more information.

Lynn Creek Park is a day-use only lake park with picnic tables, boat ramp, swim beach and more.  Click HERE to read more.


The Oasis Restaurant is lake-front dining on Joe Pool Lake, with a patio and live music on the weekends.  My kids love feeding the huge carp that hang out there!  Click HERE to visit their website.


Loyd Park on Joe Pool Lake offers cabin, RV and tent camping, fishing, boat ramp, kayak rentals, a paddling trail, a hiking and equestrian trail and a mountain bike trail.  Click HEREfor more information.


Traders Village 

2602 Mayfield Rd., Grand Prairie

Click HERE for more information on the Pow Wow. 

Click HERE to visit the Traders Village website.    

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