Snow Cones – A Texas Original!

In Texas, we take snow cones seriously!
We should, the snow cone was first introduced in Dallas at the 1919 Texas State Fair!
Since then, ice consistency and flavors have certainly changed!  There are lots of corner snow cone stands, but how do you know where to get the best?  The line, of course!  The longer the line, the better the snow cone, although I think the anticipation has something to do with it.
Here are some of the favorite hot spots for the cold stuff.
The Frisco Snow Cone Lady
8760 John Elliott Rd., Frisco
In Frisco, Mary Mathis IS the Snow Cone Lady!  She has been selling her snow for 30 years, and people travel from all around North Texas to treat themselves to these wonderful concoctions.
She has over 50 flavors, and also offers sour and cream add ins.
In fact, she is SO popular, she even sells T-shirts!
Aunt Stella’s in Oak Cliff
2002 W. Clarendon Drive, Dallas
Aunt Stella’s, an Oak Cliff landmark that has been selling Sno Cones for over 40 years at the same location!  For many an obsession, you have to wait for Aunt Stella to share her love. They are only open Fri-Sun 2-9pm.
Once frequented by Stevie Ray Vaughn, think of the conversational doors you can open with your children, IF you can avoid a brain freeze!

photo courtesy of Shivers Shaved Ice

Shivers Shaved Ice 
5651 US 259 Longview

My newest FAVORITE is Shivers Shaved Ice in Longview!

Made with all natural ingredients, from local fruit when possible!
And they use cane sugar, nothing artificial.
Click HERE to visit their website!


Blake’s Snow Shack   400 Locust Street, Sanger

Why would people come from all over the state of Texas, as well as adjacent states, for a snow cone?  To celebrate Blake, a young man with Down’s Syndrome who has his own snow cone stand, and popular advertising on news stations, and even race cars!
Click HERE to visit his facebook page!