Clark Botanical Gardens, Weatherford

We visited the Clark Botanical Gardens!

image courtesy of Clark Botanical Gardens

Know Before You Go
Clark Gardens is open seasonally, from early March through July 4th. and early September to late November.
Picnics in the park are not only allowed, but they are encouraged!
Wagons and strollers are allowed, but please keep on the paved paths.
Check their website for upcoming events.
Well-behaved pups on leashes are welcome, but please do not let them in the water features and clean up after them.
See the petite little butterflies?
They had white swans, Canadian geese and ducks!
Heritage Trees
Historical trees are trees that are the 2nd generation (the seedlings of) of actual trees connected to famous people, places and events, such as a redbud from George Washington’s River Farm, a honey locust from Gettysburg, a red maple from Walden Woods or a sweetgum from Graceland.  Click HERE for more information and/or to order seedlings of Heritage Trees.  Click HERE to see a list of Historic Trees in Texas.
During our visit, we received seeds from the Moon Sycamore.  In 1971, tree seeds were taken into space aboard the Apollo XIV mission.  Trees grown from those seeds were then planted across the nation, at such places as Arlington National Cemetery and the National Arboretum.  The seeds we received were from those trees!
Champion Trees
A Champion Tree is the largest known species of that tree.  In Texas, we have over 80 National Champion trees, meaning the largest trees of that variety in the nation!   The largest Pecan tree in the country is actually right there in Weatherford!
During our visit we learned how to a tree’s height and canopy, without using a ladder!
Leo loves trains!
Model Train Garden
Our very favorite garden, trains run through the garden outside, across bridges and then inside there are models of several of the nearby small towns!
A gift shop at the front of the gardens offers cute gardening-themed items to encourage youngest guest to garden all year long!
Things To Do in (and near) Weatherford 
The Weatherford Farmers Market is a fun destination to purchase local produce, canned items and more!  Each October they have a GREAT pumpkin display and photo op for kids/families!  Open 7 days a week. Click HERE to visit their website.
The Vintage Grill and Car Museum has at least 3 things going for it, a great location near the Historic Courthouse Square in an old gas station.  The food is wonderful, their chicken and waffles was just named best in DFW, and to avoid that “I’m starving and everything smells so good where is my food” downtime, you can take the kids to look at their classic cars in the attached museum!
Mineral Wells State Park is just down the road from Clark Gardens, and offers screen shelters, RV and tent camping sites!  Click HERE to read more.

Clark Gardens   

567 Maddux Road, Weatherford   

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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