Bob Jones Nature Center, Southlake

Know Before You Go 

Pets are not permitted on the trails.
Wear closed-toed shoes on the trails, and don’t forget water, sunscreen and insect repellent.
Wildflower Seed Balls
At one of the stations we made wildflower seed balls!  These are fun to take and plant in the fall.  The seeds, held together in clay, will not blow away until a good rain comes and softens the ball and allows the seed to sprout!  It’s an easy activity to do at home, too!
Wildflower Seeds
Potters Clay (available at craft stores)
Compost or Potting Soil
Mix the clay, compost and seeds together, then slowly add water to moisten the clay, but not too quickly, until it becomes sticky and resembles play doh.  Shape into balls and set out to dry.
The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.  ~Hanna Rion
Who couldn’t love this barn?
The Mission was to hike the trail…
choose objects from the different tables along the trail….

and arrange the objects into a work of art.

We had such a wonderful time!105_2996

Things To Do in Southlake


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Bob Jones Nature Center  

355 E. Bob Jones Rd., Southlake  

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