Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Fredericksburg

We just returned from Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, and I thought I would update a blog post I first made in February, 2009.  However, I love the pictures I took during this trip, how small my kids were, and that I still have never had the nerve to hike all the way to the summit of E-Rock!

Enchanted Rock is a huge pink granite boulder and carries a legend fitting for Valentines Day!  One summer evening an Indian tribe living near Enchanted Rock was attacked, and a young girl escaped.  She watched from the rock as her family and young love was murdered, and in despair threw herself from the rock.  On warm summer nights, they say you can still hear her moans from the summit of Enchanted Rock!

This is just one of the many legends around Enchanted Rock, and as romantic as it sounds, the rock truly does creak and groan!  Scientist say it’s because of the rock heating and cooling, but I like to believe the stories instead.
And such a romantic story seemed like just the place to visit with our kids on Valentines Day!

1.  Know Before You Go

Enchanted Rock stays busy all year, but I enjoy Fall through Spring, especially January and February as the best times to climb.  The rock gets HOT!

The park closes when it reaches the daily maximum, until some of the visitors have left.  Arrive EARLY!!!!

Wear closed toed shoes and long pants are suggested.

Take plenty of water!

As of 2016, dogs are not allowed on the Summit Trail.

CIMG33852.  Hiking

There are numerous hiking trails, including the one that takes you to the summit.

CIMG3386We loved climbing on the big rocks!


CIMG3388A backpack carrier allows even the littlest hikers to enjoy E-Rock!

CIMG3390Lots of people come to enjoy Enchanted Rock!  I was passed by little kids, and even an older lady on a walker climbed ahead of me!

CIMG3391I will never pose here!!!

CIMG3395It’s a long way down, but oh, so beautiful!!

CIMG3406And when you reach the top, there are still plenty of places to climb!

The park offers camping areas.

You can climb and repel, and there are services which will instruct you.  Check out the TExas Parks and Wildlife website for more information.

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Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

16710 Ranch Rd. 965 Fredericksburg

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